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Traveling to year 2017

New year, new adventures.

On the first day of January 2017 I thought to myself "I didn´t travel that much last year". After that I immediately started reminiscing the past twelve months and quite fast came to a completely opposite conclusion. My image "I didn´t travel that much" actually meant that I visited 7 countries - one of them twice. Yep - your mind can be tricky. Where did I wander then?

My all-time favorite city - London. I have traveled there several times, and in January I spent few days there with my friend. Mostly shopping, shopping and shopping accompanied with pub food and drinks. Skygarden was a new and magnificent finding for me on this trip: spectacular view over London city and lovely city garden surrounded by fine bars and restaurants. Beats queuing to London Eye!

Skygarden in Aldgate, London

Good old Düsseldorf. A city where I first ended up through work about four years ago. This city is a true international exhibition center. In April it was time to attend one of the many exhibitions as exhibitor. In the evenings the old town was packed with people as usual, but we managed to get some food (and Killepitsch) after all. It´s nice to travel to Southern Europe in spring time to feel the warm weather and watch cherry trees bloom. It gives hope that Finland´s nature will soon turn green.

Stadtgraben in Königsallee. So green, so spring!

Stockholm. It is a city which I have come to know better in past few years. My dear friend lives there and it is always so nice (and easy!) to visit her. This time, on May, we attended The Color Run, which we did in 2015 as well. This weekend consisted of sun, great food, drinks, fabulous company of K and A and of course the run. Had fun as always - it is so cool to have such a complex yet scandinavian city so close to Finland!

In June I took my sister-in-law with me to Dublin. Again lots of shopping (partly thanks to my shopaholic company), strolling around city and visiting Guinness Storehouse. In addition we experienced lovely colors on the front doors, nice pubs, some Irish coffee and food. Someday it would be nice to rent a car and see the green hills of Ireland!

Norwegian nature on our way from Dublin to Oslo.

The most random trip of year 2016 was my getaway from Finnish midsummer. I was feeling incredibly tired and low, so decided to book a fancy hotel from Platanias, Crete. I have to say that even though I usually find traveling alone quite boring and sad, this trip was all I needed at that point. Sun, great hotel, mountain biking, horses, beach, pool, food, cross nature lessons, cold white wine, happy people, beautiful sunsets, good books. It was nice to come home after a relaxed week.

I miss these Cretan sunsets!

In September Stockholm part two happened. K and I went to see Red Hot Chili Peppers and the gig was just brilliant! It was the last warm weekend of 2016 and we spent most of the time outdoors. Stockholm´s restaurants (vegetarian burrito from a food truck was to die for!) and bars gave us their best as usual.

They have palm trees in Stockholm. In September.

In October it was time for business in Saransk. Well, what can I say... train ride from Moscow to Saransk station and back was somewhat interesting. Didn´t sleep that much there! Russian culture is very interesting and it was exciting to see how people live outside Moscow or Saint Petersburg. I would say there is quite a gap between Red Square area and Saransk suburbs.

St. Basil´s Cathedral in Moscow.

The seventh trip was again all business and included Brescia region in Italy. I had been there once before this trip and the places had remained quite the same. It is nice to see both cities and countryside, and I find Italian people very welcoming and polite especially in smaller villages. This time we had a chance to visit the amazing Areadocks in Brescia city. It was an indescribable complex with restaurant, bar, night club, clothing store and whatever you could imagine. I was very thankful for our local guide who took us there. The weather was quite pleasant even though it was November already.

Milanese city lights on my way back to winter wonderland.

So yes, it seems I sure have had my share of airplanes. This year may be interesting as well since I already have flights to two locations for upcoming weeks. First business, then pleasure!

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