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Prague. The capital of the Czech Republic. Many travellers´ favourite city destination in Europe.

I visited Prague in summer 2015. My first impression was that it has some resemblance to Tallinn. I guess East European architecture did that. The airport was quite far from centre, but in my opinion the public transportation was quite functional.

Prague castle and the view from the hill was beautiful. It´s a shame that the weather was quite grey. Lots of red roofs!

The most interesting place for me was John Lennon Wall. It is a continuously changing Beatles-themed art exhibition, because basically anyone can leave a mark there. Street musician playing Beatles´ songs made the experience even more authentic.

John Lennon Wall

Prague is a great city for a long weekend getaway. Lots of beautiful buildings, historical monuments, lovely restaurants and cafés. The food is cheaper than in Northern Europe and very delicious. I could really walk anywhere I wanted to go, but as I already mentioned, trams and buses were easy to use as well.

Shopping was probably the most expensive activity during my stay. The prices were lower than in Finland, so I had minor problems packing my stuff before heading back home :D In case you want to get rid of your money, I recommend Palladium shopping center. I didn´t have time to explore other shopping malls, but I bet Palladium is a good option for both irrational and more selective shopping.

Czech architecture.

At least Finnair, Norwegian and Czech Airlines offer direct flights from Helsinki to Prague. Flight time is aroud 2 hours which is not bad at all.

If I´m being totally honest, I cannot say Prague stole my heart. It is indeed a beautiful city, but I didn´t get "the feeling" I get when I find a place I instantly fall for. But if someone suggests a shopping spree accompanied with good food and lazy strolls in Prague, I´m so in!

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