maanantai 20. maaliskuuta 2017

Riding in Crete

I spent a relaxing week in Platanias, Crete last summer. One of the most memorable experience was a horse riding trip.

Since it was midsummer time with high daytime temperatures, the trip had to be scheduled either in the morning or later in the evening. I chose the morning since I tend to be an early bird. So it was around 6:30 a.m. when a cheerful lady called Kristi stopped her jeep in front of my hotel and I hopped in. She had already picked up two other riders and we drove to her ranch. While driving, Kristi told about her history with horses and I found it very inspiring.

The ranch is located in Georgioupolis in western Crete. It is a very peaceful place and the horses seemed very happy.

So beautiful surroundings!

After adjusting the helmets and getting on the saddles, our guide escorted us to the track. Since I´m not (yet) in a stage of crazy galloping in the beach, this trip consisted only walking and our guide was walking ahead of us. We saw such a beautiful countryside of Crete and it surely was even more spectacular in the back of a horse. On our way we saw forest, bamboo jungle, beach, lovely farmhouses and I could easily sense the peaceful living in the countryside.

The horses were well trained and they were used to other animals and speeding cars. Our guide had a dog with her and it was happy to jog among us. Our tour lasted for few hours and it was the longest time I have spent on the saddle. I could definitely feel that in my legs... nevertheless, this was an experience I hope to repeat some day. I can warmly recommend Zoraida´s. The kind of walking tour (Discovery round trip) I took doesn´t need any experience in riding, so you don´t have to be a pro to attend!

I just love exploring life from this perspective!

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