torstai 30. maaliskuuta 2017

Restless Mind

Recently I have been thinking a lot about why I regularly feel the need to get out of my bubble and travel somewhere. My life is somewhat what I imagined and hoped it to be when I grow up (haha, still don´t feel like an adult though) - my own home, car, a good job (even better than I ever imagined I could achieve in my hometown!), money to buy nice things. I didn´t think I would live alone in my thirties, but besides that I consider my life quite good and pleasant. So why do I constantly feel so restless?


Well, probably since I´ve achieved most of the things I wanted to, I find myself pondering whether life still has something better to offer. I´m single and free to do and go wherever, and that of course means that I have millions of options. I´m happy about my freedom, but at the same time I feel very confused. That is why from time to time I just need to take a break from my everyday life.

I know people who have never traveled outside Finland. I know people who have traveled once. I know people who would want to see the world but cannot (=in many cases, don´t want to) leave their spouses &/ children alone at home. Some of them are even a bit afraid to travel. I´m not saying everyone should get up and catch a plane if they don´t want to, but I can tell you this: spending few days far away from home, preferably in a totally another country, offers many new experiences and new perspective on your own life.

I have departed from Helsinki airport countless times, and many of the times I remember feeling sad or irritated about something in my daily life. I don´t know what exactly happens while exploring the world, but I don´t remember feeling anything but relaxed, yet usually tired, on my way back home. Maybe it is the feeling I get in another country: when far away, there is absolutely nothing I can do to my daily worries at home, so I leave them there and spend my time exploring other cultures and enjoying my time wherever I am. When heading back home, any negative thoughts before the trip usually feel stupid and pointless. Normally I am happy to get home and have a date with my bed. Well, at least until various concerns start to feel unbearable again - then I know it is time to book the next flights. :D

Maybe someday I will find my place from which I don´t feel the urge to escape every now and then.


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